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Quality Control

Quality Control Dept:

Product Process:

Most of products are finished in our manufacture bases, thus quality and delivery time could keep best and , also avoid some details mistake

Product Inspection:

● Initial production check

● Mid production inspection

● Final random inspection

● Pre-shipment inspection

● Container loading supervision

Defects detected during inspections are generally classified in 3 categories:

Critical defect: critical defect is likely to result in hazardous or unsafe conditions for using and/or maintaining the product. We generally set the acceptable critical defect level at 0.

Major defect: major defect does not affect safety of the product, but affects the product’s performance. We generally set the acceptable major defect level at 2.5.

Minor defect: minor defect will not affect normal use of the product. The defect is usually the result of less than satisfactory workmanship. We generally set the acceptable minor defect level at 4.0.

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